16 June 2013

Google Preventing Web Traffic to Sites they are Against Politically?

I strongly believe that if you have to resort to less than ethical means to subvert truth or ideas that you disagree with, then you're on the wrong side of the truth.

A website, "Western Center for Journalism" is having their web traffic curbed by Google search by claiming that visiting the site will harm your computer. (Image below)

It is a well known fact that Google and many of their high level executives expressed their support for Democrats and Barack Obama during the 2012 election.  The Western Center for Journalism site typically highlights right leaning stories that many of the Main Stream media refuse to run.  As such, it can be one a few sites that will run a story that can be potentially damaging to left leaning ideas and their candidates.

Many on the left would likely discredit the site as "fringe" journalism.  Regardless, the right of the site to post and report cannot be disputed.

I should note that you can still access the site by putting the in the web address into the URL bar manually.

As I mentioned earlier, if one has to resort to blocking sites that they disagree with just to be able to block the message, then they are on the wrong side of the truth.