09 July 2013

Hailing Exceptional Public Service and Calling out the Corrupt

I would just like to take a few minutes of your time to hail the selfless public service of one man and call out the corruption of another.

I am from a small town in S.W. Idaho called Wilder.  This is the kind of small town America that is surrounded by farms and the principle industry is agriculture.  Those who work in Wilder support, in one way or another, the agricultural industry.

That is just a background on the community itself.

Now I would like to tell you a story...

There was a man who picked his family up and moved them to this small town.  He could have chosen to not become involved, but he didn't.  He went to work for his father, a Marine and a World War II veteran, in a machine shop that specialized in farm equipment repair.  This man fought tooth and nail to put food on the table and keep his children clothed and a roof over their heads.  Despite his busy life, he decided to serve his community by volunteering as a firefighter and further serve as a mayor.  He sacrificed much including time with his friends and family, but he sacrificed knowing that his work would help build a better community for his children.

As years went by, he chose to continue to serve his community both as a city official and a volunteer firefighter.  Twelve years he spent as mayor; leaving the position only because of moving outside the city limits.  His service did not end there.  He continued to work as a volunteer fireman and eventually rose to the position of Assistant Chief then ultimately Chief.  During his tenure, he can be single handedly credited with moving the Wilder Rural Fire District from the outdated and old into the 21st Century with the building of a state of the art Firehouse facility.   His work did not only focus on modernization, but also a solid vision for continuing a legacy of community building and protection.

But the vindictive, the jealous, the petty, the corrupt, and the deceitful always seek to destroy those who seek to build and rise to success.

That brings us to the story of the corrupt, the petty, the jealous.

Another man, a lesser man, always looking to the successful man and only feeling hatred and jealousy seeks to undermine.  Always nipping at the heals of the public servant's success.  Never being able to achieve what the greater man has always done.  Filled with greed for power, the lesser man spreads the seeds of dissent and lies in the ears of anyone who will listen.  Never grateful to the greater man for elevating him in the wake of the greater man's success.

The greater man never sought praise for the work he did.  He served because he loved his community.  When the lesser man started to spread his lies and evil, the greater man stood for the good of the community and the fire department and retired. He never once spoke ill of the lesser man.

The greater man was brushed aside by the petty, corrupt, jealous one and refused to acknowledge 27 years of selfless public service.  If one tried to acknowledge the greater man's public service, they were quickly silenced.

If you are from this community, you probably already know whom I speak of, in which case I call on you to praise this man's selfless public service and condemn the actions of the man that forced him to retire and the men who elevated him into the top position within the fire district.