01 October 2015

Why does she get a pass?

Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Some of you may think... "So?  They're just emails... Who cares if they are/were classified?"

Well here's what is such a big deal...

Take ANY member of the United States Military, DoD Civilian, State Department civilian etc...  Any one of them... 

Ask yourself what would happen to them in the same situation.

A military member would be arrested and charged under the UCMJ.

A government civilian would be terminated, or put on administrative leave and possibly arrested and charged.

Hillary?  The worst she gets is bad press.

Lets not make an argument that centers itself around the concept that divulging classified information puts lives in danger, even though it does.  Lets focus on the fact that so many of us, regardless of our political leanings, are sick and tired of double standards and we are tired of the political "elite" being able to get away with just about anything simply because they are in some position of power.

Clinton supporters need to get on board and call for an criminal investigation into Clinton's mishandling of classified information.  After all if a PFC would be prosecuted for it, she should too.